Modern Construction Concepts -- Traditional Workmanship

At Skiba Renovations, we combine the essentials of great construction with the latest advances in technology, to provide our clients with the best possible construction, remodeling and renovation outcome and return on their investment.

Our background is flipping houses.  When you need to make a substantial profit on your construction investment in a short amount of time, you get very good at what you do.  Skiba Renovations brings this mindset to every job we do.  We work fast.  We work smart.  We keep a close eye on cost.  And we make sure it’s well-built and appealing to the eye.  We deliver a great result … on time and within budget.

We also leverage the latest technology to create a great experience for our clients from start-to-finish.  In the planning stage, we use SoftPlan technology, so our customers actually see what their renovation or construction will look like.  Throughout the project, our BuildTREND, software lets customers get updates on every aspect of the job in real-time.  

Skiba Renovations is a different kind of construction company.  We’re your one-stop shop for residential construction projects, including new construction, and renovations & remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms, bonus rooms, open areas, attics, basements and so much more.  And we are ready to work for you.  Please call 919-714-7735, or fill out our online contact form at the bottom of the page for a free no-risk on-site consultation.

Skiba Renovations is dedicated to combining the absolute best in construction products and workmanship, with modern-day technology, to make the customer experience as good as possible.
One example is our BuilderTREND software, which allows clients and crews to monitor the job's progress in real-time. This video explains how it works.